Mindful travelers tips

To me traveling is much more than visiting places, taking pictures and buying souvenirs.  Tourism is a vehicle for peace and understanding. Travel inspires cultural awareness, tolerance and commitment to environmental responsibility.  As tourists we are the ones having the power to help transform the way the world travels. Our journey is decisive.

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A hopeful school

One day a friend of us, Upakul, kindly proposed us to go to Parijat Academy, a school for underprivileged children located in Pahomi Village at the foothills near Guwahati. An area where access to school and education is very limited. Working in waste management Upakul wants to contribute to the school by helping them recycling their wastes and create energy from it. Océane and I, both having a strong strong personal ethic for social responsibility were really excited about this visit. Continue reading “A hopeful school”

Crazy selfies

It took me some time to understand the selfie culture in India and to discover the reasons behind it. During our initial visits with Océane, many people came to us to take a selfie. At the beginning we found it quite unusual but funny at the same time. We played the game and met nice characters. Many of them were really friendly and their eyes were filled with curiosity to know about people and cultures of a foreign land. Unfortunately, the tone slowly changed and people became more insistent, more frequent selfie requests and and less funny. Continue reading “Crazy selfies”

Ma jolie Majuli

For our second trip, we left for Majuli, the world’s largest river island located in the middle of the Brahmaputra River in Assam. Over there we found peace, nature and friendliness.  There are no industries nor crimes on the island.

My colleagues from Greener Pastures arranged for us a sightseeing day with Nitul, a local monk and guide. Together we discovered traditional pots and masks making and visited the old monasteries where hundreds of Hindu monks live. It was a unique and spiritual experience to discover the island with this monk. It gave us the opportunity to enter into the core of the island local life and to better understand Vaishnav philosophy of Hinduism which is practiced in Majuli. 

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How tourism professionals can become more responsible?

Globalisation has created new trends in holidaying and shaped experiences without concerning much about the local culture and environment.  Tourism professionals need to change their way of thinking. They have to reinvent their schemes and policies by offering travel experiences that are more socially and environmentally responsible. If the local cultures and their environments disappear, then what’s the point in traveling?

Here are few actions that tourism professionals can take up: Continue reading “How tourism professionals can become more responsible?”